Private Fitting Session



2 Hours

Available on Wednesdays, either 10am or 1.30pm


Date/s to be arranged


Give yourself the gift of a great fit.

You’ve made the fulgy/muslin/toile, and it doesn’t quite fit. Or maybe it does, but it doesn’t quite fit well enough!

You know you need to make adjustments, but where? How? And Why?

This is the perfect next step for you. You will bring your made up fugly, and we will go on a fit finding mission. During this two hour session, we will figure out where the adjustments need to be made, alter your pattern accordingly and then start preparing for your next fugly to be made up.

Pattern fitting is a process, and sometimes it can take two or three fuglies to get that fit just right. But once you have learnt how, it does get easier.

Email me by clicking here to arrange the date/s. It is best this is sorted prior to booking to ensure availability.


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  • You will need to bring your traced pattern pieces
  • You will need your completed fugly
  • Extra calico/fugly fabric – just in case we need to sew some pieces again (this is totally time dependant)

You won’t need your sewing machine, if we need to sew anything we will use the Studio machines


Experience: Fearless beginner, intermediate & above. You are a confident sewster and are familiar with using commercial patterns & you have a couple of garments under your belt.

Skills taught:

  • How to identify fit issues
  • How to slash/dice/pinch/pin to alter your fugly
  • How to transfer adjustments to your pattern




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