This is a general guideline of how your skills and abilities match the classes we hold at SoS. But, there are always exceptions to the rules, if you want to discuss doing a class and not sure if it is suitable for you, call Karina to discuss.


Absolute Beginner

You have never used a sewing machine before, or you haven’t used one for so long you need a refresher class.
Suitable Classes: Absolute Beginners Intro to Sewing



You know how to thread a machine and sew a few straight rows. You may have made a couple of cushion covers, or even hemmed the odd skirt.

Suitable Classes:


Confident Beginner

You’ve used your sewing machine to make a few things and you’ve used a commercial pattern once or twice. Or you could be a patchworker wanting to move into the wonderful world of dressmaking.

Suitable Classes:



You’ve made quite a few items of clothing and you know how to read commercial patterns. You will possibly need some help with finishing techniques, invisible zippers, welt pockets, attaching linings, making pants or coats. You may want to learn how to properly fit the commercial patterns you’ve bought. You could also be keen to tackle that overlocker you’ve got collecting dust and make some knit fabric garments.

Suitable Classes:



You’re a proficient sewster, but there are some techniques that are still a bit of a mystery to you. You may want to join in on a Tailored Shirt Workshop, or make a pair of jeans, or you’re keen to learn basic pattern drafting.

Suitable Classes: All of the classes listed in Intermediate, plus

  • Tailored Shirt (or shirt dress)
  • Jeans
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Freestyle Classes
  • Basic Pattern Drafting

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